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                  The School of Graduate Studies merges two of the leading research graduate schools in the United States—Rutgers’ Graduate School-New Brunswick and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences—into one school dedicated to cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and professional development.

                  The merger will first and foremost benefit our students. The School of Graduate Studies will provide additional support for students who apply for fellowships, present their research at conferences, and participate in specialized workshops and advanced training programs. Our students will have more opportunities to collaborate across disciplines and will benefit from our increased commitment to career development initiatives.

                  Learn more about the merger

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                  • Opportunities to engage in innovative, collaborative research with world-renowned faculty
                  • Access to top-ranked graduate programs in the humanities, social sciences, life sciences, biomedical sciences, physical and mathematical sciences, and engineering
                  • An inclusive community of 5,200 graduate students enrolled in over 150 doctoral, master’s, and dual-degree programs
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                  With over 90 degree-granting graduate programs across the academic arts and sciences, as well as several professional fields, our school trains students in all major disciplines, teaching them the skills they’ll need to produce important, groundbreaking research and scholarship.

                  Explore our Programs


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                  The School of Graduate Studies offers 14 master’s, dual-degree, and multidisciplinary doctoral programs across our New Brunswick/Piscataway locations and our Newark Health Science Campus. Students interested in all aspects of the biomedical sciences will have the opportunity to study and undertake leading research with members of our internationally recognized faculty.

                  Explore programs in New Brunswick/Piscataway

                  Explore programs at our Newark Health Science Campus

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                  Rutgers’ graduate programs in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences are ranked among the best in the country.

                  Learn more about our rankings

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                  Rutgers is one of only a few universities to be awarded an NIH funding grant to fund iJOBS, a program that helps doctoral students learn about nonacademic career opportunities in the sciences.

                  Learn more about iJOBS

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                  With over 2,200 international students—and American students from all walks of life–we are committed to creating a supportive community for students from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

                  Learn more about our mission

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                  Interested in graduate education at Rutgers? Explore your options by field of study, school, location, or degree. Complete your application online now.

                  Apply now


                  Over $45 million in external funding awarded to students through fellowships and awards.

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                  GradFund is a nationally-recognized peer mentoring model that helps graduate students identify and develop applications for competitive funding opportunities. Our state-of-the-art digital platform features an extensive grant and fellowship database, resource guides, and advice.

                  Learn more

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                  Students in classroom lab

                  RISE Research Program

                  Our Research Intensive Summer Experience (RISE) is a nationally acclaimed summer research program for outstanding undergraduates from diverse backgrounds. Our scholars engage in cutting-edge research under the guidance of carefully matched faculty mentors, preparing for success in graduate school and beyond.

                  Learn more about RISE

                  Teaching assistant lecturing students in classroom

                  TA Project

                  The TA Project provides comprehensive professional development programs for teaching assistants, preparing them for both academic and nonacademic careers while enhancing the quality of education for Rutgers undergraduate and graduate students.

                  Learn more about the TA Project



                  Through panels, industry site visits, workshops, and externships, the NIH-funded iJOBS program exposes biomedical doctoral students and postdocs to nonacademic career options and to the skills necessary for professional success.

                  Learn more about iJOBS

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